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Moana Hidden Harmony – $5,500
Flower of Alliance x EMR Bethany – 2016 filly
Harmony is a foundation bred filly that loves to canter. She will mature over 15’1 and is a gorgeous girl. Harmony will excel in the dressage ring and has the bloodlines to produce amazing foals.
EMR Harshtag – $6,500
Flower of Alliance x EMR Shooting Star – 2016 gelding
Hashtag is laid back individual that will mature to 16 hands. He has ground covering gaits and with correct conformation.


Flower of Alliance
Caduceus Denver x Caduceus Sonata – 2008 15’3 Black
Alliance has a balanced canter and expressive trot. He passes his willing personality onto his offspring. Al produces size and athleticism. He is 100% foundation and Caduceus bred. He has shown through 3rd level with scores in the upper 60’s. He is ready to show Prix St Georges. 2017 Breeding fee $1000 Shipped semen and live cover.
Iron Forge Starman
Iron Forge Be Blue x Cambridge Suzy QT – 1989 15’2 Bay
[ Reference Stallion – Deceased ]
Starman was a Grand Prix Morgan dressage stallion that has many offspring competing in the open competition arena. He was awarded the AMHA open competition 1st through Intermediare I. He passed on his many talents on to his foals. Starman is the sire of our broodmares.


EMR Shooting Star
Iron Forge Starman x EMR Fancy – 2003 Chestnut 15’2 hands
Shooting Star is a third generation Morgan on our farm. She produces size and movement.
EMR Bethany
Iron Forge Starman x Caduceus Symphony – 2009 15’2 Bay
This is an amazing mare! She has the personality everyone is looking for plus she is athletic besides! She produces foals that easy to train and have size.
EMR Starlight
Iron Forge Starman x EMR Ebony – 2005 15’2 Black Bay
Starlight is an eye-catching mare that has been shown through 1st level dressage by a 13 year old. She has a great pedigree and is a joy to ride.

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About The Morgan Horse

The Morgan horse is compact and refined in build, with strong limbs, an expressive face, large eyes, well-defined withers, laid back shoulders and a well arched neck and a clean cut head. There is officially one Breed Standard for Morgan type regardless of the discipline or bloodline of the individual horse.

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