About Us

We are a third generation Morgan breeder and have a strong connection with this breed.  Our passion is Morgans and the sport horse disciplines.

We have personally shown Morgans for 20 years and have taken two of those horses to the Grand Prix level.  We are USDF bronze, silver and gold medalists.  We earned our gold medal on our Morgan stallion Iron Forge Starman.

We strive to produce horses with excellent temperaments, correct conformation and free, uphill movement.  These horses will excel in any sport horse discipline and make willing and loving partners.  We have the adult amateur rider in mind when we plan our future breedings.

We cross train our young horses in driving, trail and dressage so that they have an excellent start and can go into any discipline their new owner desires.  It also keeps their minds fresh and willing
to work.  By the time they are placed in their new homes they have had a wonderful variety of experiences which makes them a reliable and sane mount.

We offer many young horses for sale and training for all stages of horses.  We also are available to give lessons to beginners as well as more advanced riders.  Please contact us for availability and prices.

Our Facility

We run a small barn that can offer personalized care. It has an indoor arena with sand and textile footing, as well as a full size outdoor dressage arena with sand and processed wood footing.

6 stalls with runs | 8 large paddocks | Miles of trails

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About The Morgan Horse

The Morgan horse is compact and refined in build, with strong limbs, an expressive face, large eyes, well-defined withers, laid back shoulders and a well arched neck and a clean cut head. There is officially one Breed Standard for Morgan type regardless of the discipline or bloodline of the individual horse.

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