We are a third generation Montana rancher that loves livestock! We take the utmost responsibility in caring and nurturing animals. I still have two brothers and their families that run a cattle ranch in Drummond MT. They also have horse breeding programs (Warmbloods and Welsh) that they enjoy when they are not busy calving or farming. Horses and livestock run deep in this family’s blood!

We offer a variety of boarding situations to fit your needs. The horses are fed quality hay and we have a manager or owner on site 24 hours a day. This is a small boarding facility and that is a good thing! Because it is small, it is personable and also offers more quality riding time in the arena. We have an indoor and a full size dressage arena outside. Plenty on trails to enjoy in the summer, plus schooling shows and multiple clinics throughout the year. There is a large lounge/kitchen area and tack room that are heated in the winter and stay cool in the summer.

Boarding Options
Stall board $500 10×12 stall with run, daily turn out and 2 feedings a day.
Feeding grain is extra.
Paddock board $400 Large field with 1-2 other horses that are carefully selected, run in shed and 2 feedings a day.
Feeding grain is extra.
Pasture board $300 30 acre pasture with grass in summer and plenty of hay during the winter.

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About The Morgan Horse

The Morgan horse is compact and refined in build, with strong limbs, an expressive face, large eyes, well-defined withers, laid back shoulders and a well arched neck and a clean cut head. There is officially one Breed Standard for Morgan type regardless of the discipline or bloodline of the individual horse.

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